MoU Signing Solarelle Insurance Maldives

Solarelle Insurance has selected and now gone Live with Centegy’s General and Medical insurance platform to transform its technology and digital footprint. The project has led with Centegy’s (Java based) policy administration system to add value and streamline operations for Solarelle’s General and Medical portfolios. Significantly, this foundation is now lending itself to a digital transformation that will help Solarelle interface digitally with policy holders and other stakeholders such as hospitals and pharmacies for a seamless experience and higher customer satisfaction all around.

As part of the Go Live milestone, Solarelle Insurance’s CEO Mr. Thusitha Nandasiri said “We are happy to Go Live with the Centegy system which marks an important milestone in the Company.The modernization efforts should create value for the organization as well as the stakeholders. We firmly believe that we can enhance value to our stakeholders through the Centegy system”

Looking forward to a strong and successful partnership with Solarelle Insurance.

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