Tapal Tech Upgrade & Power BI Go

Centegy Technologies and Tapal Tea (Pvt.) Ltd. team have been working hard to build the Digital Route to Market solutions for the Future.To deliver this Future RTM Solutions, we have recently upgraded the tech infrastructure, migrated the complete distribution network online, and launched Power BI to provide real-time data visibility.

We are extremely grateful to Anwar Dar Tapal’s Chief Sales officer for being an inspiration behind these developments. His endorsement is something we are really proud of:

“We have come a long way from where we were in the past. There was an investment from both Tapal and Centegy that has enabled us today that I can confidently say our sales automation is far ahead of the rest of the industry and I am confident that this is going to set new benchmarks in the industry.

We are thankful to Centegy for the phenomenal support in this journey and I am sure this will also help them as a great success story, this is what’s called partnership. Let’s not stop here and build on top of it.

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