Stock Replenishment & Fulfilment of Market Demand

Fulfilment of end consumer demand is one key focus of attention when it comes to policy making and strategic planning among decision makers at FMCG companies. The input that is governed by these decision makers are usually made by keeping in mind consumer needs and how to deliver maximum value to them. In order to do this, it is important that the demand of the market should be captured flawlessly & met without any restrictions or lag in the supply chain process.


In order to fulfil market demand, companies rely on manufacturing capability & stock holding capacity to determine how fast they can dispatch any product through their warehouse locations, distributors and stock points when it is needed. Generally, for companies without a robust control on their sales & distribution process, it has been observed that management and the quick fulfilment of market demand is challenging to keep a track of and goes unnoticed which in turn creates a gap in the supply chain process & subsequent penetration of products in the market.


To solve this problem, Centegy’s globally recognized secondary sales and distribution management solution – S&D Pro embodies processes to help companies with necessary actions required to ensure stock fulfilment needs of the market. S&D Pro enables the company to keep a check and define necessary stock replenishment policies for distributors on the basis of their secondary sales trends & forecast parameters. This ensures the market (outlets) are being supplied & replenished with the optimum stocks at all times so that the end consumers are not bothered by the unavailability of products on the shelf. Our solution is also fully optimized to detect the lead time associated with the stock shipment process, necessary checks & controls related to the insufficiency of distributor floor inventory which aids all the stakeholders involved in the supply chain process to get the leverage of performing adequately in their routine operational tasks.

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